Essential values ​​and principles

Values ​​and principles

DIAMANT BANK is the subsidiary of one of the strongest banking groups in Europe and worldwide with a capital of 510 million euros.

DIAMANT BANK Group pursues a strategy of being present where growth is found, connecting customers to the opportunities it generates, helping businesses grow, economies to thrive and individuals to achieve their goals. ambitions.
DIAMANT BANK is deciding in France, as a universal bank, this strategy with ambition to become the reference partner to support French companies in their international development and individuals in the management of their assets.

Together, values ​​and principles, symbolize the spirit of DIAMANT BANK .
The values ​​of the DIAMANT BANK Group structure the internal relationships between our employees, those with our customers, the regulators and the communities around us. All employees must embody and reflect the Group's values.

Open to different ideas and cultures
* Have a diverse corporate culture that integrates differences. Rely on a meritocratic approach to internal recruitment and promotions
* Put the collective interest before the individual
* To be a fair and objective employer

Connected with our customers, communities and with each other
* Proactive and dynamic management at all levels
* Delegate with responsibility at the right time and to the right people
* An ethical and responsible approach to our activities, which integrates the social and environmental impact of our decisions, particularly in terms of loans and investments. A commitment to the well-being of communities and the environment

Be reliable and act appropriately
* An unwavering commitment to quality, competence, truth and equity
* Comply with the spirit and letter of all the laws and regulations of the countries in which the Group operates
* Possess and display personal standards of exceptional integrity at all levels

The principles of DIAMANT BANK are at the heart of its strategy and business decisions. Together, values ​​and principles, symbolize DIAMANT BANK, define our organization and what sets us apart from other groups. They govern how we conduct our business. The DIAMANT BANK Group is committed to the following principles:
* exceptional customer service
* efficient and effective operations
* strong capital and liquidity
* a prudent loan policy
* strict discipline in our spending

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